Despite the myriad number of choices we are faced with daily, it is surprising how little attention we place on the decisions we make.

"MBSAT has helped me reconnect with myself and to recognise opportunities at work and in investments. The course equipped me with healthier routines to enable me to make better decisions. I am also less reactive now when I encounter difficulties at home and at work."
Testimonials |Mindful Breath
Gobbs Lim
Business Owner
"I have better insight now on how mind conditioning works and not to let it easily influence my current state of mind. I feel I am taking steps learning self-care and to reprogram my mind using all the MBSAT techniques. The trainer is very dedicated and very encouraging."
Testimonials |Mindful Breath
Legal Associate

Mindfulness Course for You

Have you ever suffered anxiety, stress or depression? Many people in the world suffer panic attacks and depression. But they are not yet considered clinical cases. We may feel anxious because of how we perceive the world. We may feel trapped by circumstances. Or we are just looking to make good decisions or rest our mind from an acrimonious relationship. But resting in our beds or lounging by the chair doesn’t stop the mind from crowding into our space and the breath and heart speeds up again. 

Mindfulness allows us to learn and understand our subjective experience from our body sensations, feelings to thoughts. By learning the skill to manage and calm these inner experiences, we awaken to a sense of clarity to help us make decisions so that we are no longer caught between the cycles of relief and anxiety. Instead we learn to sustain our well-being. 

In non-clinical settings, psychologists have found mindfulness to be positively related to life satisfaction, self-esteem, optimism and negatively related to depression and anxiety. We offer Mindfulness-Based Strategic Awareness Training (MBSAT), a non-clinical secularised 8-week mindfulness course for decision-making. The training includes mindfulness meditation, exercises, group sharing and discussions. We also offer private group mindfulness courses in- person as well as online

Learning Outcome

  • Create space between your thoughts to reduce automatic pilot thinking.
  • Sharpening your awareness in the present moment to strengthen relationships at work and at home.
  • Making decisions that contribute to wellbeing towards yourself, which in turn benefits others.
  • Connecting to yourself so that your thoughts are not always in conflict with your feelings.
  • Finding your sense of purpose.

When You Enrol in Our Course, You'll Enjoy
These Benefits


Community | Mindful Breath

Meet like-minded people and form a practice community in our mindfulness course. Participants bond in our courses and continue their friendship beyond the 8-weeks training.


MBSAT Certificate of Completion | Mindful Breath

We offer an online certificate of completion for your 8-week participation of our Mindfulness-Based Strategic Awareness Training. The certificate shows proof of your personal self-development training and awareness. 

Onine Materials

Course materials online | Mindful Breath

Every week we provide materials to support your practice with assignments. It also includes guided meditation audio to help you on your journey towards mindfulness after you complete your training. We also provide an online certificate of completion.

1:1 Private Mindfulness Course

We offer private 1:1 and group mindfulness coaching to those who have a busy schedule that cannot fit into our 8-week mindfulness course. Our mindfulness training is systematic and experiential. We offer support for your practice to help you grow into awareness of where you are now and where you would like to be. If you are keen on working with us, please get in touch with us. 

Private Group Mindfulness Course Details

Programme Duration

8 Weeks

Each Week's Session

2 – 2.5 hours


Falls Church, Virginia*

Group Size

Minimum 3 pax**

Target Group

Suitable for all***

We are using transferwise as a payment option.  You can transfer the course fees to the following details after enrolling with us

  • Bank Code (SWIFT/BIC) CMFGUS33
  • Routing Number (ACH or ABA) 026073150
  • Wire Transfer number 026073008
  • Account Number 8310604315
  • Account Holder: Mindful Breath Pte Ltd
  • Address: TransferWise 19W 24th Street, New York, NY 10010 United States

*Participants to provide venue for less than 5 pax in the course.
**A minimum no. of pax need to be confirmed for the course to run. Prices in USD. 

***This course is unsuitable for those suffering from clinical psychological conditions

Enrol in our group mindfulness course and we will get in touch with you.


Address: Falls Church
VA 22043, United States



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